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Online course "Transport Data: From MRV to Action"

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

New on atingi: An interactive online course that makes knowledge of greenhouse gas emissions transparency in the transport sector accessible to a wide audience. The course provides an overview of climate change and transport and focuses mainly on monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions from transport, including a short section on modelling emissions scenarios.

Project profile




06.2022 – 08.2023

Target groups

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to measure, report and verify greenhouse gas emissions specifically in the transport sector.

Target groups

Didactic conception and development of the course



Learning time

12 Hours

Tools used

Articulate RISE, Vyond, Adobe Suite, Moodle Activities, MS. Excel and Word Files

What is it about?

This course looks at the problems and causes of the greenhouse effect to which the transport sector contributes. As participants work through the modules, they will gain an overview of greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector and the challenges of climate change for the transport sector. Participants will also look at the history and development of international climate negotiations, learn the basics of calculating transport data and become familiar with mitigation measures in transport and the development of emissions scenarios.

Enabling learning!

In this course, participants can learn flexibly at their own pace and access the course material from different devices. Each topic consists of engaging learning formats such as teaser videos, web-based training, exercises, quizzes and additional resources.

During the course, participants will learn through various didactic resources how to calculate GHG emissions and prioritise policy measures to decarbonise transport systems. They will also learn in detail the basics of MRV, international requirements and how to calculate emissions in the transport sector. You will have the knowledge to make emission projections and steer the transport sector towards a greener and more sustainable future.

For the final certificate, learners must successfully complete all four web-based trainings (learning modules) and quizzes.

Insights into the online course

An appealing design is the start of the course with the most important information at a glance.

Videos and infographics are recurring elements in WBTs to make the content more dynamic and exciting.

MRV_Avatar_Intro Video

Our highlights and learnings from this project

Initial feedback from the target group, including various technical experts, shows that in addition to the relevance of the content, the diverse learning formats and consistent course design were particularly well received.

We are particularly pleased that we have been able to contribute to climate change mitigation through this project. Whether you are an environmental activist, a sustainability expert, a transport planner, a government official, a student or simply curious about the impact of transport on climate change, this course will provide you with valuable information for developing more sustainable cities.

Link to the course

The online course is accessible on in English under free self-enrolment:


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