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GIZ | Online Course “Responsible Agricultural Investment”

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

A self-learning course on about responsible large-scale agricultural investments.


What is it about?

In order to make large-scale agricultural investments in Ethiopia responsible and sustainable, guidelines and standardised processes were developed in a previous GIZ project. These are intended to ensure that agricultural investments improve the living conditions and food security of the local population, as well as protect natural resources in agricultural investments. In collaboration with common sense, an online course has been developed to familiarise employees of the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture with the processes surrounding Large Scale Agricultural Investments (LSAI) in an accessible and flexible manner.

Project profile


This course was funded by the EU and BMZ, implemented by GIZ in cooperation with the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture.


​01-12 2022

Target groups:

Staff of the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture, investors, people interested in the topic.

Our work:

Didactic concept, instructional design, graphics and production of a self-learning course with 6 interactive WBTs and explanatory videos; training of local experts in the use of Adapt Learning.


English and Amharic

Learning time:

4-5 hours

Tools used:

Adapt Learning, Vyond, Moodle

Enabling learning!

The Moodle-based course consists of five learning modules that contain web-based training (WBTs) and interactive videos and can be completed through self-study on Didactic elements such as storytelling and explorative learning are incorporated into the WBTs to establish a strong connection to regional contexts. Audio and video materials in Amharic language, along with numerous regional case studies, engage learners and provide them with a practical learning experience.

The learning modules were developed through a purely virtual collaboration between common sense, GIZ, experts from the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture, BVVG (Bodenverwertungs-und-verwaltungs GmbH) and an Ethiopian multimedia company. The WBTs were tested on-site with representatives of the target groups from different regions of Ethiopia. Valuable feedback, especially regarding usability, particularly for learners with limited digital skills using mobile devices, was incorporated. The course content was developed in English, while all multimedia materials such as audios and videos were in Amharic with English subtitles. The course roll-out is virtual and is accompanied by a bundle of measures such as training sessions and on-site presentation, as well as posters and brochures.

Insights into the online course

Our highlights and learning in this project

The collaboration and co-creation of the learning modules with local experts, as well as with the BVVG's subject matter experts and the dedicated GIZ team, were definitely the highlights of this project. Another exciting experience, especially for our video production team, was creating an intro video with real and animated parts that seamlessly blended together. One of our learnings - or rather, a confirmation of our previous eLearning development process - was the importance of involving representatives of the target audience in the development of the learning content early on and addressing their specific needs. This was done to ensure a high level of acceptance for the learning materials and to establish ownership of the online course among local stakeholders.

Link to the course

The online course is available for free self-enrollment on


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