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GIZ | 3 online courses for the TVET sector in Vietnam

Project profile


The courses were financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with counter-financing from the Vietnamese government. The learning products were implemented in cooperation with the local GIZ branch in Hanoi and local experts.



Target groups

  • Pupils at technical vocational schools

  • Teachers at technical vocational schools

  • Trainers in technical companies

  • Other interested parties

Our work

Didactic concept, instructional design, graphics and production of 3 self-study courses with a total of 25 interactive WBTS as well as explanatory videos, downloadables and interactive H5p exercises; gamification


English and Vietnamese

Learning time

3x 5-6 hours

Tools used

Rise, Vyond, Moodle, H5P, Adobe Premiere

What is it all about?

In a large-scale project, GIZ worked together with the government in Vietnam to reform the local Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) system. The aim of the initiative was to improve the supply of demand-orientated qualified skilled workers. As part of this large-scale project, the aim was to implement measures at vocational schools, but also to reach people who are already in employment.

In collaboration with common sense, 3 online courses were therefore developed that dealt with burning issues for the respective target groups:

  • A course on environmental protection and efficient resource utilisation for students at technical vocational schools.

  • A course on creating inclusive teaching materials and curricula for teachers at technical vocational schools.

  • A course on basic methodological skills in the transfer of knowledge and practical skills for trainers in technical companies.

Enable learning!

All 3 Moodle courses were developed on the basis of Face2Face trainings or trainings with Face2Face components. These original training courses each had practical application components, but were to be transformed into 100% self-learning courses with a learning duration of 5-6 hours each. For this reason, implementation ideas were already developed during the design phase that would enable simple connection to further practical activities or easy course adaptation to a hybrid learning format. These basic ideas characterised the course structure of the 3 courses. In addition, further documents with reflection exercises were developed (called guidebook/learning journal), which enable participants to transfer the theoretical knowledge they have learnt to their practice and, if necessary, to attend further practical training courses with these documents.

The integration of practical case studies and storytelling with a strong regional focus was essential for the content design in order to convey practical application knowledge and make the theoretical content easier to understand. A large number of animated graphics and videos also ensured that the learning experience remained constantly fresh. All multimedia language output was fully dubbed in English and Vietnamese and also provided with the corresponding subtitles in the respective language. Special features in the visual design of the modules were the course on inclusion, with its special consideration of colour contrasts and other WCAG standards, and the course on environmental protection, which was given a retro video game design due to the particularly young target group and stood out due to its strong conceptual focus on gamification.

In close cooperation with GIZ and its local partners, the courses were extensively tested and valuable user feedback was incorporated, which contributed in particular to the courses' lively and moving image-based nature. Following the course creation, partners were trained in independent course management and GIZ implemented marketing measures to disseminate the courses. A joint launch event with the ministry and representatives of various schools, in which common sense was allowed to participate virtually, as well as distinctive social media campaigns were part of these measures.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners in Vietnam once again for the great commitment they have shown in a project of this size in purely virtual cooperation with us!

Insights into the online course

Our highlights and learnings from this project

Our highlights in this project were definitely the creative design possibilities. The environmental course in particular gave us a lot of freedom to combine a video game look in the visual design with the integration of various gamified elements so that learners not only achieved their learning objectives at the end of their course, but also defeated a garbage monster. More innovative concepts for the course videos were also a natural consequence of this freedom, from custom animations in After Effects to novel combinations of screen casts with animated videos. The successful realisation of such ideas requires very intensive and close collaboration with the project partners. One of the things we learnt in this context is to communicate these requirements to our partners as early as possible.

Link to the course

The online courses are accessible on with free self-enrolment:

In English:

In Vietnamese:


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