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GIZ & Business Scouts for Development | Online Course "Women Going Digital"

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

New on atingi: An interactive online course to empower women in Africa with digital skills.

Project profile




November 2021 - July 2023

Target groups

Women of all ages, multipliers, development workers and NGOs

Our work

didactic conception and creation of the course


English and French

Learning time

approx. 2h per module (40 hours in total)

Used tools

Articulate Rise, Vyond, Adobe Suite, Moodle Activities

What's it about?

In our digital world, it is critical to equip women with the skills they need to succeed in a changing job market.... The Women Going Digital course provides a platform for women, multipliers and NGOs to gain valuable digital skills and tools. The course includes 16 cross-cutting topics covering various aspects of digitalisation and digital transformation. From introducing the basics of digitalisation to exploring new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, this course offers a multi-faceted learning experience. Each topic has been carefully designed to address current and relevant issues of the digital age.

Enable learning!

Participants have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and access course material from multiple devices. Each topic consists of engaging learning formats such as teaser videos, web-based training, podcasts, quizzes, and additional resources. Audio transcripts are provided for videos and podcasts to ensure accessibility.

On their learning journey, learners can earn badges for completed milestones. A total of four badges can be earned: Digital Adventurer, Digital Explorer, Digital Rising Star, and Digital Pro. For the certificate of completion, learners must successfully complete all sixteen web-based trainings and quizzes.

Insights into the online course

Each topic block includes an introductory video, WBT, podcast, quiz, and additional resources.

In the intro videos, the avatar Nina introduces the learners to the r

espective topic with a short preview and examples.

The interactive WBTs were developed using the Articulate Rise authoring tool.

Teaser video

Our highlights and learnings in this project

Initial feedback from the target group shows that, in addition to the relevance of the content, the diverse learning formats and the consistent course design are particularly well received.

What we are particularly pleased about: With this project, we were able to contribute to the digital empowerment of women and create a contribution to an inclusive and equal society.

Link to the course

The online course is accessible on in English and French under free self-enrollment:


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