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Our Mission

We believe in learning as a driver for the development process and work exclusively for positive change.

Enabling learning.
Meaningful. Together.

common sense eLearning & training consultants consist of employed and freelance consultants all over the world. They share the philosophy documented in the mission statement “Enabling Learning. Meaningful. Together.” They are known to work learner-centred and in an eye-level and appreciative style with partners and clients. Learning is more than a product of their work, but a lifestyle. They are committed to integrity, honesty and transparency in their work.



We aim at enabling our team members, clients and partners. We never make our clients dependent on our services. We enable them to do what they want to do by themselves and support them wherever they want to be supported.

Our Partners and Endorsements

common sense signed up as official endorser and signatory to:

Women Empowerment Principles

Equal opportunities for all and appreciation of diversity are deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy and mission. Gender equality benefits everyone and a fair representation of all groups in society in business activities should be common sense. For this sake we appreciate and endorse all activities which aim to achieve equality.

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Principles for Digital Development

The Digital Development Principles are nine dynamic guidelines created to embed best practice in technology-enabled programmes and are intended to be continually updated and refined. They provide guidance for all phases of the project lifecycle and are part of an ongoing collaboration between development professionals to share knowledge and promote continuous learning.

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common sense is member of:

EdTech Austria

The vision: to promote individual potential through high-quality education, with the aim of making Austria a leader in the development and application of digital education technologies and contributing to the global knowledge society.

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International Council of Badges and Micro-Credentials

"Contributing to a world where every learner’s journey is digitally celebrated, valued, and interconnected."

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