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Our Expertise

In almost 25 years, common sense has supported around 120 customers in more than 400 projects in implementing eLearning processes, training local teams or implementing interactive and target group-oriented digital learning content.

In terms of content, our projects deal with all conceivable topics: Health, finance and insurance, crafts, vocational training, aviation and logistics, sports, media, tourism, languages, teacher training, policing, digitalization, biodiversity, law, and many more. This wide range is made possible by the cooperative collaboration of common sense with the subject matter experts of our clients.

From our projects

For the implementation of content, common sense draws on the entire diversity of digital learning, from web-based training modules, online courses, creation of complex learning environments, MOOCs, interactive videos, mobile learning applications, simulations, to podcasts or supervised and social learning formats. The formats are selected according to the needs of the target groups and our clients.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations have used digital forms of learning out of necessity. Most of these institutions have found that digital learning can work. Now common sense supports these organizations in the professionalization of their online learning offers

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